Our lives are not temporary

Time after time, TPS and DACA have faced a number of challenges and legal setbacks, affecting millions of lives of immigrants. The lives of 11 million undocumented people living in the United States are constantly under attack, and the need for residency is now greater than ever. Join us to fight for a pathway to citizenship for TPS and DACA recipients as well as agricultural and essential workers.  

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Call our senators and urge them to fight for permanent residency for TPS holdersDREAMers, and essential workers 


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Hello, my name is ________ and I live in _________. I support permanent residency for TPS holders, dreamers, and essential workers. We have contributed to this country for decades with our labor and taxes and we want to ensure that we can continue to contribute and prevent thousands of family separations. I ask that my representative support and defend permanent residency for TPS holders, DREAMers, and essential workers. Thank you.

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