COPAL is proud to announce its firsts endorsement process to support political candidates that will prioritize the needs, values, and benefits of Latinos in Minnesota.

Why do endorsements matter? 

COPAL's goal is to build a sustainable, feasible, and measurable political program ahead of the November 8, election, and subsequent elections to endorse candidates who share COPAL's mission to impact the quality of life of Latino communities in Minnesota.   Together, we have significant power. By endorsing candidates, we encourage politicians to be accountable to the promises they make in supporting the Latino community. We are also able to highlight which candidates share our priorities and our goals. We aim to be clear and transparent with who we are endorsing and why—something that is important for communities that have historically been disenfranchised and have had less access to voting.  

How did we decide who to endorse? 

This effort began early this summer. Several candidates were invited to fill out an application for endorsement. Candidates were presented with the COPAL political platform and a set of values. Then they were invited to a rigorous process of interviews, which, on each occasion, were attended by more than fifty members. Engaging members was crucial, as COPAL seeks to promote and develop community leadership and foster participatory democracy; essential elements in building our collective power. 

MN State

MN House of Representatives

MN Senate

This is an independent expenditure paid for by COPAL, 3702 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408.
It is not coordinated with or approved by any candidate nor is any candidate responsible for it.