Platform – Our Legislative Agenda 2023-2024

Our Legislative Agenda 2023-2024

COPAL’s political platform is a statement of principles, goals, and issues supported by members of the Latine community including members of COPAL. Together, we are building community leadership, collective power and the possibility of a better future. COPAL invites you to join hundreds of Latines across Minnesota who are adopting COPAL’s Political Platform to transform Minnesota into a welcoming state.

For a dignified life now and for future generations, COPAL advocates for:

Education for All- COPAL

for All

COPAL advocates for equitable public schools and debt-free higher education. COPAL organizes in the areas of:
  • Access to a universal public higher education (HF1975/SF1986)
  • The Increase Teachers of Color Act (ITCA) (HF320/SF619)
  • Fully funding public education
Environmental Justice-COPAL

Environmental Justice

COPAL advocates for clean air and water. COPAL organizes in the areas of:
  • The Frontline Community Protection Act (FCPA) (HF637/SF466)
  • Expanding upon the 100% clean energy bill (HF7/SF4)
  • Allyship with Minnesota’s tribal communities and water protectors
HealthCare for All-COPAL

for All

COPAL demands access to health care for all. COPAL organizes in the areas of:
  • A financial cost study for Minnesota Health Plan (MHP) legislation (HF1843/SF1771)
  • A MinnesotaCare Public Option (HF96/SF49)
  • Legislative efforts that advance equitable healthcare (HF1095/SF896, HF816/SF404, HF402/SF1681)
Immigration and public Safety

& Public Safety

COPAL seeks to build a Minnesota where immigrants are welcome and live dignified lives. COPAL organizes in the areas of:
  • Broader acceptance of the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
  • Sanctuary State legislation
  • Federal pathways to citizenship for DACA and TPS-holders
Popular Democracy-COPAL


COPAL supports efforts to increase civic participation. COPAL organizes in the areas of:
  • The Democracy for the People Act (HF3/SF3)
  • Efforts to oppose legislation criminalizing peaceful protest
  • Increased resources for nonpartisan voter education and voter outreach
Dignity for Workers -COPAL

for Workers

COPAL advocates for workers’ rights. COPAL organizes in the areas of:
  • A Paid Family and Medical Leave Program (HF2/SF2)
  • An audit of Minnesota’s wage theft enforcement
  • Resources for workers services and infrastructure serving workers