South Central Initiative

South Central Initiative

In October 2021, COPAL opened a new office in Mankato, MN to expand its reach in the south central part of the state. We believe that the fair distribution of resources in our community is part of working together. COPAL continues to work to expand resources in rural areas so that our community can reach them, whether they are local, state, and/or national resources.

COPAL’s initiative in the south central area was born when we saw the need to expand the organization’s reach and ensure that the resources available in the metropolitan area are also available to the residents of Mankato and other rural areas.

One of COPAL’s visions for the South Central Initiative is to structure community leadership by creating the Regional Committee, made up of community leaders, of individuals who have decided to take action to bring about change in their cities. The Regional Committee encourages leaders to request changes in political, social and economic plans.

The COPAL Regional Committee arrives at a time when the pandemic had and was about to impact our community in a way not seen before, and rural areas were on the list of the hardest hit.

The Regional Committee’s agenda always brings community health and wellness to the table. There is no better perspective than that of leaders who live helping disadvantaged communities, listening to them, seeking and creating help to overcome obstacles and overcome challenges.

The Regional Committee meets twice a month to strategize, plan events, and take action that empowers the community and be part of a better quality of life in the South Central region of Minnesota.

COPAL present in the South Central area for the empowerment of the Latino community.

Join the South Central Regional Committee and be part of the change!

Communities Organizing Latino Power and Action (COPAL) depends on you to make a more inclusive Minnesota.


127 S 2nd St, Mankato, MN 56001, United States

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