Resources for Tenants

Resources for Tenants

Can the landlord evict me for non-payment?

No. Governor Walz declared an emergency in peacetime until December 14, 2020. Most evictions in Minnesota are paused during this emergency. Your landlord cannot terminate your housing contract or file an eviction case against you at this time.

If you owe months’ rent, do not wait and request assistance to pay the rent. You are still responsible for paying the months owed.

For more information on rental assistance, contact COPAL’s browsers at 612-249-8736 

There are a few exceptions to the Minnesota eviction ban:
  • Your landlord may file an eviction against you if you or someone in your household compromises someone’s safety. This is true if you are at home, on the patio around your home, or in common areas of an apartment building. Your landlord CANNOT evict you for things that happened outside your home.
  • Your landlord can evict you if you do a lot of property damage.

  • Your landlord may terminate your housing contract if they or any of your family members plan to live in the house.

  • Your landlord has yet to follow the housing contract and the law. They have to send you a written notice saying that the housing contract is terminated. Typically, the landlord must notify you at least one month before the end of the housing contract. Please refer to our Notices of Unemployment and Terminate a Lease fact sheet for more information about your rights when the landlord attempts to terminate your housing contract.
  • The landlord must send you a written notice warning you that you will file an eviction case against you. Your landlord must give you notice at least 7 days before filing the eviction.
If your landlord is trying to evict you, get legal help right away


Provides legal assistance for tenants in Minnesota: call HOME Line at English 612-255-8870 (leave a message with your full name, phone number and brief information about your situation and they will call you back.)

File a complaint with the Attorney General's Office using this form:

Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid

Offers free civil legal assistance to low-income people facing eviction, housing discrimination, and more.

Intake line: 612-334-5970 o 1-800-292-4150 ((ask for interpreters)