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An opportunity to become a citizen of the United States

For those who are eligible, COPAL’s Citizenship Classes are an opportunity to become prepared to take the test required to become a citizen of the United States. We will walk with you through the learning process, provide legal advice, and build relationships within the classroom. There are many benefits of U.S. citizenship, including gaining the ability to vote, running for office, eradicating fear of deportation, and more. Classes are on Saturdays from 10am to 12:30pm for six weeks.

We provide essential services to Salvadorans living in Minnesota and neighboring states.

COPAL regularly partners with the Salvadoran consulate to provide essential services to Salvadorans living in Minnesota and neighboring states. When doing so, local members of the Salvadoran community have access to receive DUIs, passports, and other legal documents that would typically only be accessible in Chicago. COPAL also uses this opportunity to offer ways for community members to volunteer and take other actions with COPAL.
For more information on consulate services, please contact Francisco Segovia [email protected]

Learn with us about issues of the Latino community

Professors and teachers around the community have the opportunity to hold a class at COPAL in English or Spanish to educate students on Latinx community issues. Topics can include the climate crisis, forced migration and citizenship, the education system including the popular education model, and the importance of the U.S. Census and elections. After taking a class at COPAL, students are encouraged to engage in further actions to support organizational goals.
If you are a professor or teacher and would like to hold a class at COPAL, please email [email protected]

Need help with COVID-19 testing, access to food, health insurance, or other basic needs?

We can help you.
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