Eduardo Peñasco

Eduardo Penasco Miembro COPAL

Eduardo Peñasco

Immigration and Democracy Organizer

Eduardo Peñasco

Eduardo is an immigrant from the state of Veracruz in Mexico who has lived in the Dakota County community in Minnesota for over 18 years.

He is the father of three beautiful daughters whom he loves dearly and is passionate about various forms of art such as dance, music, drawing, and painting in addition to his interest in social justice and photography.

His interest in graphic arts led him to learn screen printing and he has developed this trade independently for the last 15 years and curiously, this trade connected him with the social movement since he closely participated for 2 years in a group called Northland Poster Collective led by renowned artist Ricardo Levins Morales.

He is currently working on an associate’s degree in graphic design at Penn Foster College in Arizona.

Other experience in social work came from belonging to the Minnesota Goodwill-Easter Seals Parent Project organization for over 8 years where he began as a participant and completed group facilitator training and is still involved.

He began his work doing community outreach during this pandemic for COPAL and is currently the Organizer for Democracy and Immigration and is specializing through courses and practice in the area of​​organizing and community power-building, leadership development, and advocacy. popular education.

He is very proud to belong to COPAL and welcomes its values ​​and principles, and above all, he wants to be able to contribute to making Minnesota a fairer state for our Latinx community.