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COPAL MN to Celebrate Achievements and Community with Family Day

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – On Saturday, June 22nd, COPAL will bring community members together and host Family Day at Longfellow Park in Minneapolis. The event is designed to celebrate community, build connections, and continue COPAL’s efforts to create a more inclusive Minnesota. COPAL will also highlight recent accomplishments, emphasizing the growing success of the organization.  

The achievements of COPAL’s members span across different sectors that are equally important to the Latine community. Over the last year, the organization has advanced its work to fight for environmental justice and for workers’ rights. It also broke ground on a new Latino Center for Community Engagement in the heart of Minneapolis’ Latine Community. In May, COPAL expanded its reach in greater Minnesota, opening a new office in Rochester to serve the Latine communities in the Southeast parts of the state. Through its legislative efforts, COPAL’s members also helped secure historic victories for renters, and city council wins that support the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Collective.

COPAL invites the Minnesota community to celebrate these achievements with them on Family Day. The event will feature activities for the whole family, including music, food, a soccer tournament, and raffles. There will also be a brief program from COPAL members to talk about the organization’s efforts and share how the community can get involved. Your presence will help create unity and build a stronger Minnesota. 


WHERE: Longfellow Park, 3435 36th Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55406

WHAT: Family Day Event 

WHEN: Saturday, June 22nd, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.; program at 12:30 p.m.

COPAL Minnesota is an organization leading social impact initiatives that drive political, social, and economic changes to improve the lives of Latine families in Minnesota. For more information, please visit

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