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SouthEast Initiative

Photo of COPAL SouthEast Initiative
Photo of COPAL SouthEast Initiative

After 4 years of working closely with the community in Rochester, COPAL has opened our Southeast Office in Rochester. It serves eight counties including Olmsted, Winona, Goodhue, Steel, Wabasha, Mower, Rice, and Dodge. It serves as a hub for resources, support, and advocacy offering guidance on:

Organizing and Leadership

Regional member committee, civic participation

Health and Wellness

Community health education and prevention, mental health education

Employment and Career Services

Citizenship classes, GED, driver’s knowledge exam classes, job search

Southeast Initiative

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Members build power to transform systems through organized leadership, including partnerships in committees like one of the Southeast Regional Committee.

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Southeast Initiative

One Economy for Minnesota

COPAL, in collaboration with HACER MN and LatinoLEAD, has launched the One Economy for Minnesota! campaign. The campaign advocates for the inclusion of ITIN-holders in the private and municipal sectors, striving to foster a fair and inclusive economy by addressing issues like limited recognition of the ITIN and its impact on various aspects of daily life in Minnesota.

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