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Photo South Central Initiative

In response to the unique challenges brought by the pandemic, COPAL’s Regional Committee emerged in 2020 as a vital force for positive change across Southern Minnesota. Recognizing the heightened impact of COVID-19 on rural areas, the committee remained steadfast in prioritizing community health, wellness, and empowerment. Emphasizing equitable resource allocation as pivotal to collective progress, COPAL extends its impact beyond Mankato, establishing a new office there in October 2021, focusing on pivotal areas such as environmental justice, community organizing, economic equity, and health and wellness throughout the south-central region.

In early 2023, the Promotores de Salud initiative was launched, involving community health promoters from Mankato, North Mankato, Worthington, Madelia, and beyond. These Promotores developed impactful campaigns and workshops on community health, including diabetes management, mental health, and community leadership through popular education, valuing individuals’ experiences to foster shared learning and empower community leadership.

With approximately 50 dedicated community leaders, COPAL’s Regional Committee continues to grow, inspiring proactive change across communities. This dynamic group drives positive transformation, advocating for societal changes in politics, society, and economics, epitomizing COPAL’s dedication to grassroots empowerment and collaborative efforts for a more inclusive and equitable Minnesota. Alongside community members, COPAL collaborates closely with various regional organizations and agencies, recognizing the amplified strength in collective partnerships.

South Central Initiative

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Members build power to transform systems through organized leadership, including participation in committees like one of the South Central Regional Committees. The committee meets once per month.

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South Central Initiative

One Economy for Minnesota

COPAL, in collaboration with HACER MN and LatinoLEAD, has launched the One Economy for Minnesota! campaign. The campaign advocates for the inclusion of ITIN-holders in the private and municipal sectors, striving to foster a fair and inclusive economy by addressing issues like limited recognition of the ITIN and its impact on various aspects of daily life in Minnesota.

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