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To meet the complex range of issues Latine workers face every day in Minnesota

In May of 2021, on International Workers’ Day, COPAL launched the Primero De Mayo Workers’ Center in South Minneapolis to organize with immigrant workers and build generational wealth among Latine families. COPAL’s workers’ center seeks to elevate the voice and leadership of our community. The center has been building a society where we can work and live dignified lives. A COPAL wealth creation led by immigrant workers, the Primero de Mayo Workers’ Center has supported over 1,100 workers in 2023 alone through its four focus areas: Employment, Education, Labor Leadership, and Youth Program.

The Primero De Mayo Workers’ Center has walk-in hours every Wednesday from 10am-4pm.

Primero de Mayo Workers’ Center

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“Our strategy supports working people seeking a better quality of life in Minnesota.”

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The Workers’ Center committee meets every Sunday from 9:30am to 11am to strategize, plan events, and take action that empowers the community to change labor policies at the state and federal levels. Join the labor committee and be part of the change! COPAL depends on you to make Minnesota more inclusive.

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