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Our 2024 Legislative Agenda

COPAL’s political platform is a statement of principles, goals, and issues supported by members of the Latine community including members of COPAL. Together, we are building community leadership, collective power and the possibility of a better future. COPAL invites you to join hundreds of Latines across Minnesota who are adopting COPAL’s Political Platform to transform Minnesota into a welcoming state.

COPAL advocates for equitable public schools and debt-free higher education.

COPAL advocates for policies that prioritize the well-being and environmental concerns of BIPOC communities across the state.

COPAL demands healthcare as a right for all Minnesota residents.

COPAL seeks to build a future where immigrants feel fully welcomed across the state.

COPAL participates in a national campaign for affordable, green, social housing.

COPAL calls for stronger worker protections across the board, especially for at-risk groups.


Our Legislative Victories

Photo COPAL group celebrating Driver’s Licenses for All

Driver’s Licenses for All


Minnesota won Driver’s Licenses for All! In 2023, COPAL organized a historic “45-Day Campaign”, mobilizing COPAL members in coalition with other community leaders, faith congregations, and elected lawmakers to pass one of the most pro-immigrant license laws in the nation. This is a profound achievement—we transformed a system to better honor our human dignity.

Democracy for the People


We advanced our vision of popular democracy! Alongside partners in movement, COPAL championed the Democracy for the People Act, securing pivotal reforms: making voter registration more accessible, improving language services, and creating a more transparent campaign finance system. This law was a major step forward to keeping Minnesota one of the safest and most convenient states in the nation to cast a ballot.

Photo of COPLA tema supporting Paid Family and Medical Leave (HF2/SF2)

Paid Family and Medical Leave


Minnesota passed a Paid Family and Medical Leave law! This law supported by COPAL and a powerful organizational network created a public program for workers to take time off for health and family, without retaliation from employers. The program will start in 2026, creating a new right for many in the workforce to prioritize their personal life for up to 12 weeks per event and up to 20 weeks per year. This is a major step forward for the dignity of workers!

Cumulative Impacts


We created new environmental protections for communities living on the frontlines! COPAL held a leadership role in a powerful environmental justice coalition, passing a law to identify neighborhoods where residents are most vulnerable to harmful polluting projects and add additional protections to those neighborhoods. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) will analyze how much pollution facilities generate in a given area, conducting what is known as a “cumulative impacts analysis.” The law will go into effect in 2026!

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