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Primero de Mayo Workers’ Center

Knowledge is Power!

The Primero de Mayo Workers’ Center seeks to raise the voice and leadership of our community. We provide and connect people with educational resources that enable them to reach their full potential.

Knowledge is Power! Continuing your education has benefits such as gaining the right to vote, having greater peace of mind, increasing your income, and a wide range of other opportunities.

Primero de Mayo Workers’ Center

educational resources we offer

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Technology classes

These courses are designed for individuals who wish to enhance their basic software and computer skills. No prior experience is needed.

Citizenship classes

We provide classes in Spanish, with English practice. The course covers the questions and topics necessary for the United States citizenship exam.


The General Education Development Tests (GED) certify academic knowledge equivalent to a high school diploma. The GEDWorks course is a self-directed online system that allows people to earn their GED in English or Spanish.

Driver’s Exams

We offer the theoretical test, and not the practice exam and this is only for those taking the test for the first, second or third time. You can call to schedule an appointment. There is no cost, but a suggested $10 donation is welcome.

Educational Resources

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Have any questions? Reach out to the Education Program at the Primero de Mayo Workers’ Center at (612) 427-2011 or by filling out the form below.

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