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A campaign to create a more fair and inclusive economy for ITIN-holders.

We dream of a Minnesota where ITIN-holders can participate as equals in the state economy, resulting in healthier, safer, and more stable communities for all who call this place home. The Vida Digna Coalition, composed of COPAL MN, HACER, and LatinoLEAD, aims to promote policies and actions aimed at improving the quality of life for all individuals, regardless of their immigration status. It fervently advocates for inclusion and equitable access to essential services and economic opportunities for everyone.

The campaign will actively advocate for the inclusion of ITIN-holders within both the private and municipal sectors. By demonstrating the universal positive outcomes of expanding access for ITIN-holders at the local level, the campaign seeks to inspire and provoke statewide policy reform to ensure equal access and opportunities for all.

frequently asked questions

  • ITIN stands for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
  • The ITIN is issued regardless of immigration status
  • The IRS created the ITIN to ensure they were able to collect tax contributions from all individuals residing in the United States

Among Minnesota’s 81,000 undocumented immigrants:

  • 21,000 hold an ITIN
  • 3,300 are ITIN-holder homeowners

Many businesses in Minnesota do not recognize the ITIN as a valid taxpayer identification, limiting access to:

  • Securing rental agreements
  • Registering for utilities
  • Opening & maintaining bank accounts

This lack of access further results in:

  • A higher likelihood that ITIN-holders will become victims of wage theft and other financial discrimination.
  • ITIN-holders being forced to use their child’s Social Security Number (SSN), causing potential generational financial damage.
  • Health, housing, and financial instability that impacts entire communities.

In recent years, significant progress has been made in the inclusion of ITIN-holders and other undocumented individuals in Minnesota, with notable policy wins, such as:

  • In 2022, the Frontline Worker Pay extended benefits to ITIN-holders
  • In 2023, the Homestead Classification was opened to ITIN-holders, impacting approximately 1,900 individuals
  • In 2023, the Driver’s Licenses for All policy was enacted.

Leaders, community members, organizations, and legislators have made significant strides in areas such as the Child Tax Credit and Working Family Tax Credit.

Given this momentum, we firmly believe that the best time to advance ITIN inclusion and maximize our impact is NOW.

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