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COPAL Calls on U.S. Senators to Stand Against Push to End Asylum 

COPAL, alongside numerous organizations dedicated to civil rights, human rights, gender, and racial justice, expresses profound concern regarding proposed sweeping and permanent changes to the U.S. immigration system. These changes could have devastating consequences on America’s asylum process, adversely affecting asylum seekers and other vulnerable immigrant communities. 

As Congress engages in negotiations for an emergency supplemental funding bill, some members of Congress are exploiting these talks to push for draconian, ineffective, and radical transformations to the immigration and asylum framework.  

According to reports, the deal in discussion would implement an asylum ban, create near impossible barriers to apply for asylum, and undermine humanitarian and other forms of parole. These permanent changes to asylum would have devastating consequences at the border and across neighboring countries, jeopardizing security measures, exacerbating border resources, and harming vulnerable individuals and families seeking safety. 

 In light of these alarming developments, advocacy groups and concerned individuals must remain vigilant and vocal in opposing these proposed changes to the U.S. immigration system. The potential repercussions underscore the urgent need for lawmakers to reaffirm their commitment to immigrants so that everyone can lead dignified lives. 

For media inquiries or further information about the event, please contact:

Rosie Thale | 

Clara Ugarte Perrin |  


Established in 2018, COPAL is a member-based organization leading social impact initiatives to improve the quality of life for Latine families and communities. COPAL advocates for a legislative agenda and mobilizes Latine communities to take action on issues that impact our lives such as health care for all, dignity for workers, environmental justice, popular democracy, immigration and public safety, and education for all by building collective power, transforming systems, and creating opportunities for a dignified life. COPAL envisions a future where Latine communities thrive and are fully empowered to lead significant change in their communities and beyond. 

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