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COPAL Congratulates Successful Candidates in Minneapolis and St. Paul Elections 

COPAL Congratulates Successful Candidates in Minneapolis and St. Paul Elections

Minneapolis, MN – November 9, 2023 – With the culmination of the 2023 elections, COPAL extends its heartfelt congratulations to the successful candidates across Minneapolis and St. Paul. The commitment and dedication shown by all individuals who stepped forward to serve their communities deserve acknowledgment and appreciation. 

COPAL reaffirms the essential importance of elected officials actively working for the betterment of our communities. We urge the elected candidates to remain deeply connected to the voices of the people they now represent. As representatives, it is pivotal that they listen, engage, and prioritize the needs and aspirations of the diverse communities they serve. 

“The essence of democracy lies in representation and accountability. We congratulate the winners and remind them of their responsibility to work hand-in-hand with the communities they serve, making decisions that truly reflect the will and welfare of the people,” stated Francisco Segovia, Executive Director of COPAL. 

Representation is fundamental in shaping the fabric of our communities, where the success of diverse voices holds immense significance. The election of several Latine and BIPOC candidates throughout the Twin Cities region, including the historic election in St. Louis Park of the first Somali American mayor in the history of Minnesota, underscores the importance of those who have historically been underrepresented assuming pivotal positions, directly influencing the decision-making process that shapes our collective future. This election also notably marks a significant milestone in St. Paul, where an all-women city council was elected. This achievement stands as a remarkable stride towards achieving a world where no one feels their gender is a barrier to running for office.  

COPAL remains committed to supporting and engaging with elected officials to foster an inclusive and participatory democracy that serves all members of our society. We look forward to collaborating with the newly elected leaders to advance the values and aspirations of our vibrant Latine communities in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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Established in 2018, COPAL is a member-based organization leading social impact initiatives to improve the quality of life for Latine families and communities. COPAL advocates for a legislative agenda and mobilizes Latine communities to take action on issues that impact our lives such as health care for all, dignity for workers, environmental justice, popular democracy, immigration and public safety, and education for all by building collective power, transforming systems, and creating opportunities for a dignified life. COPAL envisions a future where Latine communities thrive and are fully empowered to lead significant change in their communities and beyond. 

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