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Empowering Latine Communities: COPAL’s Nonpartisan Electoral Campaign

Empowering Latine Communities: COPAL’s Nonpartisan Electoral Campaign for Informed Voting in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Minneapolis, MN – November 6, 2023 – With the 2023 elections tomorrow, COPAL reaffirms its unwavering commitment to engaging, informing, and mobilizing Latine communities in Minneapolis and St. Paul to ensure their electoral participation. The organization’s comprehensive electoral campaign serves as a blueprint to empower and elevate Latine voices, driving informed, democratic decision-making, and fostering democracy and inclusivity.
After launching their campaign in August, COPAL, with the support of Hennepin County, has worked arduously to provide accessible voter registration information and resources to empower eligible unregistered Latine individuals, encouraging their participation in the electoral process. COPAL also worked to equip Latine voters with comprehensive information about candidates, issues, and key election dates to facilitate well-informed decision-making.
COPAL has been proactive in engaging and mobilizing the community, making about 15,000 phone calls and sending around 5,000 text messages through phone and text banking efforts involving a dedicated team of staff and 40 volunteers across 24 events. COPAL also participated in five voter registration events to encourage and facilitate voter registration and produced a series of nonpartisan videos to inform voters about the select candidates in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Extending invitations to various campaigns in districts with high Latine populations and to known Latine candidates, four candidates accepted the invitation and participated in the creation of these informative videos. In total, COPAL produced four nonpartisan candidate videos alongside two additional informative nonpartisan videos, aiming to provide voters with information on how to vote and what is on their ballots.
“Empowerment begins with participation,” said Francisco Segovia, Executive Director of COPAL. “Urging our communities to vote in this election is not just a choice but a vital step towards shaping a future that represents our voices, our values, and our aspirations.”
COPAL recognizes the critical importance of being informed about the candidates who serve our communities and takes pride in working to ensure our communities are prepared and empowered to make well-informed decisions at the polls.

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Established in 2018, COPAL is a member-based organization leading social impact initiatives to improve the quality of life for Latine families and communities. COPAL advocates for a legislative agenda and mobilizes Latine communities to take action on issues that impact our lives such as health care for all, dignity for workers, environmental justice, popular democracy, immigration and public safety, and education for all by building collective power, transforming systems, and creating opportunities for a dignified life. COPAL envisions a future where Latine communities thrive and are fully empowered to lead significant change in their communities and beyond. 

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