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COPAL is excited to announce the development of a transformative community space—the Latino Center for Community Engagement (LCCE). This 24,000 square foot space at 2905 E Lake Street, a building damaged during the 2020 summer protests in Minneapolis, signifies more than just physical reconstruction. This project represents a pivotal step in empowering our community. It is a return of land ownership to local residents and reinforces Latines’ historical presence along Lake Street. The LCCE will build power with and fulfill the ambitions of our young and diverse community, fostering pride and belonging. This center will be a vibrant hub of unity, celebration, and cultural exchange, embodying the transnational spirit of our communities. It will be where dreams grow and where COPAL’s innovative programs bring our Minnesota Latine community’s aspirations to life.

We invite you to the public announcement of this exciting campaign. We will host an LCCE Launch Event on February 9th from 4:30-7pm in partnership with our new neighbor, Arbeiter Brewery (3038 Minnehaha Ave). A short program at 5:30 will discuss the need for the LCCE and the impact it will have on Minnesota’s Latine communities. Join us for this event to hear our dreams, share in conversation with community members, and enjoy tacos and drinks.

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